Video and Unified Communications

Video and unified communications are transforming the way businesses around the world are conducting business, serving customers, forging partnerships. We can help your organization grow by configuring these essential capabilities for communication in a globalized world. The benefits of video communication are:

  • Less need to travel leads to reduced operating costs
  • Internal and external communication makes your organization more productive
  • The ability to easily transmit information and ideas throughout your organization without travel
  • Better communication between team members of different locations

In today’s highly competitive world, having the ability to communicate within your organization via video conferencing is becoming a must. We have the experience to configure video and unified communication throughout your organization.

Our Video and Unified Communication Services

  • Videoconference solutions
  • Room, desktop, and mobile video solutions
  • Video bridge management and scheduling
  • Video distribution and IPTV
  • Broadcast video solutions
  • Command and control systems
  • Voice conference solutions
  • VoIP systems
  • Conference phones

Video and Unified Communication Installation

  • System design and engineering for video services
  • System integration of video services
  • Installation and procurement of video services
  • Testing and commissioning of video services
  • Integration of video and unified communication systems

If you would like an estimate for our video and unified communication services, give us a call at 703-291-5741