Wireless Networking

Royanka offers Wireless Solutions that allows your business to work and communicate more efficiently. 

  • Help your employees work and communicate more efficiently and securely wherever they are and across multiple devices
  • We install wireless networks that ensure your team members will have a strong wireless signal throughout your facility.
  • We can offer stronger wireless coverage in designated areas such as hospitals, conference centers, stadiums and more.

In today’s world,  high-speed wireless networks are a must for accomplishing daily tasks. Wireless capabilities on multiple types of devices throughout your organization will ensure that production and communication run smoothly.

We are experts at installing Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN’s) and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), which allows for an environment of secure and reliable wireless capabilities throughout your facilities.

Wireless Services

Full life cycle capabilities for WLAN systems
Wireless site surveys
Controller configuration
Access point installation
Wireless encryption and authentication
WLAN network integration

Wireless Installation

Design and engineering of WLAN architectures
Installation, testing, and commissioning of WLAN including WAP’s
Cabling of WAP’s
WLAN maintenance and support contracts

DAS Services

End-to-end DAS capabilities
Site surveys
RF analysis report
Design recommendations

DAS Installation

CAD design
Heat mapping
iBwave RF propagation 3D modeling
UL and DL CW testing
Engineering construction drawings package
Fiber, cable, antenna, RL, DTF, and full system sweep testing
Commissioning, optimization, and closeout

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